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About April Felton

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April Felton, RCIS, RCES, CEPS, CCDS

I have the following certifications: RCIS, RCES, CEPS, CCDS

I have been working at Sanford Health in Sioux Falls, SD, for 11 years, first in the cath lab where I specialized in device implants, and the last 6 years in the EP lab where I am the educator and lead EP technician.

I collected EGMs from the EP cases for many years at Sanford Health and use them to provide training for the staff. Most of the EGMs in this book were collected by me and are donated by Sanford Health. I've passed the IBHRE and CCI exams on EP.

Sanford Hospital in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

The Sanford Hospital, doctors, admin folks and the Invasive teams, have all been wonderful in helping me with my career and growth as an Invasive Electrophsiology and Cardiology technician. I truly love my work, and these people have nurtured that love by providing me every opportunity to become more involved in my chosen field. The eleven years that I have been at the hospital seem like about ten percent of that time. My deepest thanks to everyone who has provided the support to enable me to live my dream

Attending Southeast Technical Intitute in Sioux Falls, I graduated with an associate degree in Invasive Cardiovascular Technology in 2001.

Cardiovascular technology and lab work is my passion. The work is facinating and provides so many opportunities to help people who are in distress or use the technology to help them avoid or lessen the chances of having a life threatning event.

Image of the Electrophysiology Exam book I created the EP Exam Review book, with assistance from Wes Todd, in order to give electrophysiology students the information that they need in order to pass the EP exam.

EP Exam Review Book > > >

You can learn more about the EP Exam Review book by clicking on the book.

You may also be interested in reading this book review from EP Lab Digest.

I currently live in Sioux Falls with my four children (3 boys and a girl) and our dog Izzo.

As passionate as I am about EP and the cath lab, I do enjoy getting out with my family. I take my children camping for much of the summer (we have a permanent campsite) and the children can swim and fish to their hearts' content. Personally, I don't like handling the fish, but the children love fishing and being in the beautiful outdoors of South Dakota.


April and Izzo

At the risk of sounding like a promotional brochure for South Dakota, if you are going to be moving here, or traveling through, you might find some of the links below helpful starting places:

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Find the latest questions…

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