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A Review of:
The Cardiovascular Review Book for
Invasive Cardiovascular Technology
Volumes I and II, 2nd Edition

By: Brad Ferguson, RCVT, FSICP
Chairman SICP Committee on Electronic Publications

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As I opened the package containing the Review books, I was taken with their size. Both books are printed on 8.5x11 inch paper double sided, volume I has 466 pages and contains 820 questions, volume II has 420 pages and 703 questions.

The format of the review books lends itself very handily to studying; each question is in a multiple-choice format similar to the RCVT exam. Following each question is the correct answer with an explanation and references. The books are laid out in sections so that you can concentrate your study on a specific area.

Each volume is designed as a self-study and review manual. While it does present explanations for each answer, it is not a textbook and it should not be substituted for reference texts. What it does do in an excellent way is to allow someone studying for the RCVT exam a guide to test his or her knowledge and prepare for the exam.

The format of the books allows you to perform a self-evaluation, determine your strengths and weaknesses and better direct your areas of study. The format of the questions Cardiovascular Review Book Setare very representative of the questions found on the RCVT exam, which will help the student hone his/her test taking skills and feel comfortable with the type of questions that he/she may encounter. Mock exams are also available to allow you to further judge your readiness to pass take the exam.

The author states in his introduction that these reviews are 'not a crash course'. He also writes, 'If you have no formal training as an Invasive Specialist you will need extensive textbook study, tutoring, and clinical experience to gain the theoretical base necessary'.

Mr. Todd's many years of experience in Cardiovascular Technology education are apparent in the content and scope of these books. He taught Cardiovascular Technology at Spokane Community College for 23 years. The questions are well researched and laid out in an orderly and logical format, ranging from basic knowledge to advanced concepts. The graphics and pictures are very helpful and extremely well done, many of them having been drawn by the author. As an added bonus, you can find out more about Wes and these publications at his web site at; http://www.westodd.com.

These volumes are invaluable to anyone preparing to take the RCVT exam. They are also a great resource for any Invasive Cardiovascular Professional wishing to update their knowledge or test themselves.

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Find the latest questions…

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