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New in 2012: EP Exam Review Books > > >

New in 2019: 6th Edition CV Review Books for RCIS Exam > > >

CV Books, rev. 6, vol. 1-5
Five separate books and a CD are available to guide you through every aspect of the RCIS and/or the CIT exams. Over 3000 pages of the most relevant and up-to-date information, questions and answers on Cardio Lab procedures. If you are serious about passing the RCIS and CIT exams, these are the books that will help you do it.

Invasive professionals will need all five to study for both the RCIS or CIT exams, and I provide them in a specially priced bundle for those folks. They are $80 each or get the 5 volume bundle for only $300.

All books contain questions and answers that are categorized and referenced. New sections on TAVR, Impella, Structural Heart, etc. The books are perfect bound on 8½" x 11" paper and self published by Kindle Direct Publishing a division of Amazon. Kindle Direct normally ships all book orders.

USB to aid your memory and to make learning easier and more fun!

Order the interactive CD to aid your memory and to make learning easier and more fun!

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1. Todd's CV Review USB 3.0 Flash Drive Version 8

Includes everything found in all the volumes (1 thru 5) below
- and more:

CV Review on USB Flash Drive, rev. 6, vol. 1-5 This new USB contains 56 chapter lectures, each averaging 30 minutes with multiple color slides, angiograms, and practice quizes. Following each lecture are detailed practice tests with 50-100 registry style questions. These are in multiple formats, like the RCIS exam. There is a learning mode with all the questions and a testing mode which randomly selects some questions from the chapter. This testing mode calculates your % score and allows printout of a completion certificate.

It also contains 7 interactive games that drill you on essential cath lab skills, like coronary anatomy, hemodynamics, clinical skills and angiography.

Order the interactive USB Flash Drive to aid your memory and to make learning easier and more fun!

Todd USB ISBN #978-1-7326393-5-5
USB 3.0 flash drive: price $270

Order the CV books on Flash Drive > > >

(note: flash drive is compatible only with 32-bit Macs)

Cardiology Review, Vol. 1, 6th Edition

2. CV Review Book Vol. I: 6th Edition

This newly revised volume is the basic review book. With 500 pages of questions, answers and explanations, over 500 graphics and the CV Science Practice test.

It includes chapters on Patient Care, Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology such as:
Math, Patient Care, Instrumentation, Asepsis,
Cardiac Life Support, Embryology, Blood, Cardiac Anatomy,
Coronary Anatomy & Physiology, Hemodynamics & Pressures
Vascular Anatomy & Physiology, 7 chapters on CV Disease

(ISBN 978-0-9831408-0-0) price $80

Order the CV books > > >

Cardiology Review, Vol. 2, 6th Edition

3. CV Review Book Vol. II: 6th Edition

500 pages; includes chapters on Invasive Diagnostic Techniques such as: Catheters & Equipment, Indications, Risks, Complications,
Protocol, Vascular Access, Scrub & Hemostasis,
RHC, Coronary Angio, LHC, Pediatric Cath,
Vascular Angio, ECD & Arrhythmias, X-ray

(ISBN 978-0-9831408-1-7) price $80

Order the CV books > > >

Carabello's Sign in tight AS

4. CV Review Book Vol. III: 5th Edition

340 pages; includes chapters on Hemodynamic Calculations such as:
Cardiovascular Pressures, Recording, Pathology, Fick CO, shunts,
TDCO, PVR, Valve Area, Flo-wire, IVUS & ICE

(Diagram explains Carabello's Sign in tight AS)

(ISBN 978-0-9831408-2-4) price $80

Order the CV books > > >


5. CV Review Book Vol. IV: 5th Edition

360 pages; includes chapters on Interventions such as:
PCI & PTCA, Stents and Other Devices, ACLS I & II,
Cardiac Medications I & II, Cardiac Pacemakers I & II,
ICDs and EP Studies, Balloon Pump I & II,
Other Interventions

(ISBN 978-0-9831408-3-1) price $80

Order the CV books > > >

6. Practice Invasive Exams Vol. V: 5th Edition

Mock Invasive Registry Exams modeled after CCI's RCIS Exam. 400 pages; includes questions, answers, explanations and many illustrations.

(The graphic at right shows on ECG leads)

(ISBN 978-0-9831408-4-8) price $80

Order the CV books > > >

For orders outside the U.S. or for Special Orders, contact Wes.

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