Basic CV Science Review Books:

Note: The CV Science Exam is no longer offered by CCI. It was a preliminary exam to the RCIs and RCES registries. But, this basic material has been rolled into the registry exams, which made them longer and more expensive.

The Volume 1 book we currently sell (Invasive Basics) contains all the basic material, both invasive and noninvasive that is included in the CCI registry exams. Some ultrasound programs use this volume along with specialty ultrasound books to prepare for the RVS exam.

These are comments from individuals using Wes Todd's self study materials:

"I just passed my RCIS exam today with a score of 812! Thank you for your excellent review materials. I even scored 100% in Post-Procedural Activities. I will continue to use your CD and books to review and expand my knowledge in my profession."

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"I graduated from a one-year ultrasound school, but found that your study guide cleared up many things they didn't cover adequately.

"After studying your Basic CV Science Review Book, I found the exam easy. Your book covered all of the necessary content, and at least some of the questions seemed identical. Some things you covered were not on the exam, like action potential. The algebra and statistics were very basic, but the exam seemed heavy on wedge pressures, hemodynamics, ultrasound physics, and acid base balance."

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"I would like to express my complete satisfaction with the Cardiovascular Self Assessment Review books I purchased for the CCI examination. This material is extremely comprehensive and prepared me for the Basic Science Examination in September 1996. I received an overall grade of 88%.

"Currently, I am preparing for the CCI Invasive registry scheduled for March 1998 and once again the Cardiovascular Self Assessment Review Books I purchased for this examination are worth their weight in gold. Thank you for the new updated information...."

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"I passed my 1997 Basic CV Science exam thanks to your book. When I got your questions I said 'No way, these could be on the exam' - BUT THEY WERE! Some of them were almost verbatim."

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"I passed the new computerized CV Science Exam (86%), but feel dissappointed that I didn't do better. There was some stuff that I just wasn't prepared for, or studied a long time ago and forgot.

"I was intimidated by the security procedures in place - to get in, to take a break, and to leave. You'd think I was trying to get access to the most secret room at the CIA or something - checking in belongings, photos, fingerprinting, whispering and all that stuff. I was waiting for the polygraph and the anal probe!! It would be a good idea to let anyone going to take a test like this for the first time know that this occurs prior to the test."

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CV Science Review Invasive CV

Wes Todd's Cardiovascular Review was created with the hands-on and visual learner in mind. His background in teaching, graphic design, and writing will streamline your study and improve your retention in preparing for your cardiovascular board exams.

We specialize in training for invasive professionals in cath labs and EP labs. These materials may be used for invasive staff continuing education as well as for board exam preparation.

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Find the latest questions…

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