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"I love this stuff and I want to really know it. I want to pass the RCIS the first time. I love the online method of learning. I did like it better when there were fewer people in the class. It is a big job to read all of the postings. I really enjoy them, but it takes a lot of time. I feel that I am doing excellent... I am still real excited about hemodynamics."

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"I have enjoyed taking this class. It is completely meeting my needs and goals.... I really enjoy talking with other cath lab personnel around the U.S. We all are like family somehow. Thanks again for taking the time to help others increase their knowledge!"

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Wes Todd's Cardiovascular Review was created with the hands-on and visual learner in mind. His background in teaching, graphic design, and writing will streamline your study and improve your retention in preparing for your cardiovascular board exams.

We specialize in training for invasive professionals in cath labs and EP labs. These materials may be used for invasive staff continuing education as well as for board exam preparation.

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