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Cath Lab professionals would often like to attend national seminars and meetings - but often find that their hospitals are unwilling, or unable, to finance them or, perhaps, they work in small rural hospitals with few resources or educational opportunities. Distance learning is one way hospitals can keep staff up-to-date. It is a low-cost, high-return training that solves many traditional problems in cath lab education.

To register call Spokane Community College desk for noncredit classes at 509-279-6030 and ask for the "Registered Cardiovascular Invasive Specialist Exam Review I or II" online class, with excellent exam pass rates. It consists of two 11 week online classes designed to prepare working cath lab nurses and techs for the national invasive exams.

The online course is available each quarter from SCC, except there is no Summer class. Registration cost is $177. Then you need to buy the Todd CV Review CD or USB, which is half price if you get it from me personally and enroll in the class. It normally sells for $270. The USB drive is now plug-and-play and Win 10 compatible.

Find the schedule for the online class at www.rcisreview.com . When you print this schedule, you will see the curriculum broken down into RCIS1 and RCIS2. You can start in either unit 1 or unit 2; it doesn't matter which you start with. Once you find the schedule of chapters, you can work on those USB chapters any time to get ahead of the class.

In the online class, there is directed study, and cath lab nurses & techs from all over the USA that share what they know. There are weekly assignments requiring you to study and take quizzes on certain chapters on my interactive CD/USB, readings to download, discussions to respond to, and quizzes to take. But, It is self paced and can be done in your free time.

Most distance learning courses have no classes to attend - no fixed place or time. This flexible structure allows learners to log on at any convenient time. Students spend the majority of their time reading and testing themselves using the CV Review CD as the textbook.

Students go online for assignments, for online learning materials and to discuss related topics. The interactive nature of online classes requires, and encourages, constant thinking and involvement. These classes help participants solve real-world problems and allow learners to focus on the material they need to pass each class and become more proficient in the CV field.

Without incentives, CVTs may become complacent and fall behind in their training. Although, passing the RCIS exam is a way to gain increased respect from the cath lab staff, it is not the credential (RCIS) that should be the incentive, Wes in the Cath Lab but the habit of learning and thinking that this preparation develops.

Students learn online that they are not just button pushers - that this is a profession and they are a valued member of the cath lab team. Online learners work together as a group, they think for themselves, and have honest, open discussions with peers. This helps liberate cath lab staff from turf distinctions, because online - doctors, nurses, techs, and instructors become equals. Because a variety of nurses and techs enter online classes, much of the discussion centers around the advantages of cross training in the cath lab.

It's ironic that, for some people, the single greatest advantage of online learning--the fact that the student can schedule his or her own time to complete the course work--can also be its greatest disadvantage! Because learners aren't required to attend lectures at particular time, taking an Internet course requires a some degree of self-discipline. Still, most learners find it a refreshing, efficient, economical and convenient way to learn.

"I like the pacing of the course it allows me to focus on an area - do it and go on. And it's nice to have other people who are going through the same thing I am - preparing for the RCIS. I enjoyed this class immensely. I have never been as focused on my studying and learning - not just memorizing."
Cath Lab Manager

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