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Society of Invasive
Cardiovascular Professionals:
A New Online RCIS Review Class

Todd Ginapp, EMT-P, RCIS, and Wes Todd, BS, RCIS

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A new online Registered Cardiovascular Invasive Specialist (RCIS) class is helping cath lab technologists and nurses work together to prepare for their board exams. It is a web-based Continuing Education class from Spokane Community college that uses Wes Todd's CV Review CD as the textbook. The class allows you to breeze through areas you already know, and spend more time on subjects where you need more study. This class has been running successfully for three years now. One participant noted: "I really enjoy this on-line method of learning. Having a course syllabus helps me focus on each topic so I don't get bogged down… I'm not a great test taker and this way of learning is much less intimidating to me."

Click here to view larger image of Screen Grab from a Virtual Class

The flexibility of the class means working cath lab staff can participate. Most cath lab employees do not have the luxury of time off to attend formal classes; they have on-call responsibilities and work 8-12 hour days. This online method allows individuals to schedule learning time around their busy schedule and to their lifestyle.

This does not mean it is an easy class. It takes about 5-10 hours a week to really learn the material, and complete the assigned discussions. It also takes persistence. Each of the two courses is 11 weeks long. It runs continuously, so people can sign up during any quarter of the year.

There is only one scheduled class; that's in the "Virtual Classroom" each Sunday evening. It is a "chat session" with graphic slides led by the instructor or a guest speakerCath Lab participants viewing class material on a computer monitor. on the topic of the week. In a recent class, Wes Todd presented pressure graphics and led the interactive discussion. (See the Figure 1 screen shot of the "virtual classroom.")

The SCC class runs through a professional distance-learning website termed the "BlackBoard." This site facilitates every type of web interaction imaginable, including videos, interactive testing, downloaded reading assignments, and even a 24/7 help phone line. Computer "newbies" seem to adjust quickly to this style of learning. One student commented: "I like the BlackBoard: it gives me the freedom to go at my own pace, but still be disciplined."

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Cath Lab Digest - ISSN: 1073-2667 - Volume 13 July - Issue 7 -
July 2005 - Pages: 22 - 23

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