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Cardiovascular Review and EP Exam Review

Wes Todd's Study Guides for Cardiac Board Exams (Read More…)
Our latest (December, 2012) Study Guide for EP Exam (Read More)

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CV Review now on USB drive!
New CV Review USB version #8 In a new format - Adobe Captivate. It works instantly when you click on the USB executable file. Our 2020 USB has the same 3700 questions that are in the 5 volumes of our new CV Review books published in 2019. It has more lectures, more innovative questions, random tests and completion certificates. CV Review on USB Flash Drive, rev. 6, vol. 1-5 Available in PC and Mac (32 bit only) versions.
Interactive training products:
New "Plug and Play" CV Review USB drive runs on Windows 10. Neither does this USB program need to be installed with a license key. It will work instantly when you click on the USB application file. It also allows you to run the program on different PCs, as long as the USB is plugged in. Neither is an online connection necessary, as the flash drive updates itself. Our new USB version 8.0 is written in Adobe Captivate with the same 3600 questions that are in our also new 5 volumes of CV Review books version 6, but much more user friendly.

Some of What We Offer…

Wes Todd's Cardiovascular Review was created with the hands-on and visual learner in mind. His background in teaching, graphic design, and writing will streamline your study and improve your retention in preparing for your cardiovascular board exams.

We specialize in training for invasive professionals in cath labs and EP labs. These materials may be used for invasive staff continuing education as well as for board exam preparation.

We just released Todd's updated and enlarged USB training program. It is "Todd's Invasive CV Review, New Version 8." You actually get both versions #7 & #8 on one USB drive, for the same price. This new USB and the new 6th edition of the 5 volume book set is also available as a bundle for the new low price of $520. If you complete and print certificates from all 55 chapters of the new USB WE GUARANTEE YOU WILL PASS THE RCIS EXAM or your money back.
Find the latest questions…

Find the latest questions…

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Wes Todd, BS, RCIS.
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Wes Todd's Cardio Review