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The Society for Invasive Cardiovascular Professionals (SICP) has an education committee of which the Invasive Educators are a subcommittee. Wes Todd heads this subcommittee and works with the various Invasive CVT schools around the country. Projects and issues for CVT schools and in-service educators will be posted here, such as:

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Meet Wes Todd and learn more about his experience in the field of cardiovascular education.

Wes Todd's Cardiovascular Review was created with the hands-on and visual learner in mind. His background in teaching, graphic design, and writing will streamline your study and improve your retention in preparing for your cardiovascular board exams.

We specialize in training for invasive professionals in cath labs and EP labs. These materials may be used for invasive staff continuing education as well as for board exam preparation.

Find the latest questions…

Find the latest questions…

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