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The CV Board Exams

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Become a Registered
Cardiovascular Specialist

Cardiac Credentialing International (CCI) is the testing organization which tests and awards registry to personnel actively working in hospital cardiology departments. Upon passing these examinations you will be awarded the title Registered Cardiovascular Invasive Specialist and may wear the initials "RCIS" after your name (Previously called RCVT). Depending on your employer, this may raise their salary or qualify them for a higher level position with increased responsibilities. Please call CCI about everything dealing with the registry process at 1(800) 326-0268 or visit their web site.

CCI Examinations for which we offer study guides are:

Invasive RCIS Exam

Now offered on computer at any time to RNs, RTs, and CVT graduates of approved programs, and CVTs who HAVE passed the basic CV Science exam. The Invasive RCIS exam tests knowledge and skill essential to work in the cardiac catheterization laboratory. Exam contents include:

  • Diagnostic Techniques (42%)
  • Interventions (33%)
  • Emergency Procedures (6%)
  • Pre-procedure (10%)
  • Post-procedure (9%)

CCI's RCES Exam for CV Electrophysiology

(We have 2 books to prepare for this exam.)

Proportion of RCES EXAM
Content Category Questions

  1. Conducting Pre-Procedural Activities 11%
  2. Conducting Intra-Procedural Activities 22%
  3. Conducting Post-Procedural Activities 3%
  4. Performing Diagnostic Studies 28%
  5. Performing Therapeutic Procedures 33%
  6. Communicating with Patients and the Health Care 4%

New Sample Exam Questions

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Other Exams Offered By CCI
(for which we do NOT have study guides)

  • CCT Exam - Certified Cardiographic Technology, covers ECG, Stress testing, and Holter monitoring technology
  • Noninvasive RCVT Exam - Echocardiography and Cardiac Doppler Technology
  • Vascular RCVT Exam - Peripheral Vascular Noninvasive Technology
Find the latest questions…

Find the latest questions…

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Sample Exam Questions
Invasive Questions
CV Science Questions
Newly Added Sample Exam Questions

Cardiac Pressure Image Identification
Hemodynamic Practice 1
Hemodynamic Practice 2

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