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Sample Basic CV Science Questions

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Questions listed here are samples from
Todd's Basic CV Science and Invasive RCVT
Review Books.

1.Whose Law is this?
train.gif The Relative frequency of a reflected wave increases as the relative motion of the reflector approaches the observer:
a. Hertz
b. Doppler
c. Bernoulli
d. Laplace

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b. Doppler principle.
Doppler ultrasound measures the velocity of any reflectant object/fluid by evaluating the change of frequency of the reflected ultrasound. You have heard a Doppler frequency shift. When a whistling train approaches, you hear the "eeee" sound. As soon as it passes, the frequency of the whistle suddenly drops to a "oooo." This change to a lower pitch is because approaching objects compress the sound waves to make them sound higher in pitch. Objects moving away, rarify reflected sound waves and thus sound lower in pitch.

Anatomy of a heart.gif

2. In this view of the BACK of the heart, identify the structure labeled at #11.
a. Ascending AO
b. Descending AO
c. SVC
d. IVC
e. Right PA

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c. SVC or Superior Vena Cava

This view clearly shows the two vena cava vessels leading to the right atrium at the base of the heart.

Can you identify the other numbered structures?

Correctly Matched Answers Are:

  1. left PA
  2. Left PV
  3. LA
  4. Circ. artery
  5. LV apex
  6. Cor. sinus
  7. Rt. coronary artery
  8. Right ventricle (RV)
  9. Inferior vena cava (IVC)
  10. Right atrium (RA)
  11. Superior vena cava (SVC)
  12. Innominate (Brachiocephalic artery)
  13. Aortic arch (AO)
  14. Left subclavian artery

See: Netter's, Collection of medical illustrations or Braunwald, chapter on "Radiographic Examination of the Heart."
Keywords: heart posterior view, SVC

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