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Vision and Mission

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We believe that all staff, in all invasive services laboratories, in all hospitals across our nation, want the best education and orientation program and training available to them so that they may learn and grow, personally and professionally.

The vision of the staff at Cardiovascular Orientation Programs is to facilitate the best orientation and continuing educational program possible using the best tools and the best people we can gather to meet the educational needs of our invasive staff.

We believe that providing the best training available, our cardiovascular and invasive staff will be able to provide the best patient care and that providing the best patient care starts with the best education.

It is our vision to facilitate the didactic training needed by outside staff so they may understand what critical services are perfomed in the invasive laboratories.


The mission of Cardiovascular Orientation Programs is to provide all healthcare workers with a proactive, interactive means to learn, and understand, the field of invasive cardiovascular patient care.

We believe we must accomplish this mission using the best educational mediums available and the best educators in our field.

It is our goal to help individuals preparing to take the RCIS "Gold Standard" examination for all Invasive Cardiovascular Professionals so that they will have the ability to access learning modules developed by Wes Todd.

It is also our goal to help develop future educators within the health care environment by facilitating the learning of the computer skills necessary so that they may reference material quickly, prepare a needed lecture with associated graphics and even develop yearly mandatory competencies templates.

We believe that by facilitating the educational and orientation needs of a multidisciplinary staff, we can ensure that all patients receive the best patient care available.

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