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Invasive Cardiovascular Technologist Program

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Student Information on the New
Cardiovascular Techcnologist
Training Program

Being Offered at the
Western Washington Branch of
Spokane Community College in
Tacoma, Washington

You can view the complete information on this exciting new class in three different ways:
  1. A PowerPoint presentation via the web
    (this will open a new window)

  2. Acrobat ReaderAs an Adobe Portable Document (2.6MB)
    (requires Acrobat Reader)

  3. Download the full PowerPoint presentation to your computer (6.5MB file)
    (right click on the link and choose "save target as" from the menu)

This is a fully accredited 2 year complete program, with full credit, for those who are interested in becoming Invasive Cardiovascular Technologists. This is a distance learning program with the content delivered online and through video in Tacoma Washington.
For Further Information, please Contact:
Seattle / Tacoma Area
Tacoma CTC Education Department
Tacoma Ccommunity College Admissions 253.566.5160

Spokane Area
Darren Powell, ICT Program Director 509.533.7306
E-mail: Darren Powel

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