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Ordering FAQs

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Are you having trouble ordering both the Review Books and the CD?

Are you a student?
To qualify for a student discount,
complete the Student Enrollment form.

If you are a student, you are entitled to order one CD at a reduced rate. The Review Books were, at one time, also offered at a reduced student rate. However, when we switched the order procurement method of the books to Create Space, the books were already so sharply discounted that the student rate was not necessary.

So, if you have ordered both the books and the CD and can't find your order, try this:

Remember, the Books are in a separate shopping cart on Create Space.

View Your CreateSpace Cart

Any order for the CDs is in a separate shopping cart with PayPal.

And, because the EP book is a special book offered with April Edberg, it, too, is in a separate shopping cart with PayPal.

So, if you have populated your Create Space cart with books, you may think that it won't let you order the CD. Check to see if the CD is already in a CD cart (dark navy button above).

If it is not in your PayPal cart, you can go to the Order CD page and add it to your cart.
If it is in your cart, but not at the student discount rate, delete it from your cart, confirm your enrollment or enroll, then add it to your cart again. Remember, you may only order one CD at the Student Enrollment discount.

Remember, to receive both books and the CD, you will have to order, and pay for, all your items in each of the separate shopping carts.

If this does not help, please contact Darbie, our Web Guru, at Drb.Marlin@WebMaker-nw.com
or call her at 509.325.3996.

If you are having trouble with the enrollment form for your student discount, you can clear the endrollment cookie
(or check the status of your enrollment cookie) and re-start your enrollment.

Students can qualify for a discount by filling out the enrollment form.

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